Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Little Getaway

Its the end of a busy working week and I can't help but feel little sad that there is not many weeks of this part time working business left. In January I return to full time work.

Becoming a mother to Ruby was a life long dream. As long as I can remmber, having a family was the most inspiring feeling of all. It was a long process and with a little bit of help my little Ruby was born on the 31st of July 2006. Her birth was
silent, it was the most amazingly serene experience I have ever had. I thought giving birth came with screaming and shouting and lots of pain, in fact I was so scared of giving birth I had booked a c-section. It was Ruby who decided to come early and forced the whole 'natural delivery' on me that gave me no other option but to do this whole giving birth process the 'natural way'.

So here I am 16 months later and contemplating my future. I need to return full time for financial reasons....... I have been at my job for ove
r 8 years and long service is looming....but on the other hand I don't want to miss out on my daughters the dilemma is a big one.

Today marks the start of 5 days off and Ruby and I are packing up the car and heading north to Tewantin for some desevred R&R and to catch up with my family.

My parents place is one place that I totally feel th
at tranquility that I crave for. Its set on the Noosa river tucked away in the 'inlet'. With nature at your doorstep, a cool river breeze and the amazing river for your pleasure, its hard not to relax and wish that once again the Noosa region was my home.

I desperately want to leave Brisbane, not that I hate the city, but I need a change of scenery and to slow down on the full paced life that I currently lead. I want to live near the ocean or live move into a rural community that we
can 'breathe' more easily in.

So I am looking forward to my little getway and spening the next few days enjoying the company of my little daughter and my family.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Full Throttle

The past few weeks have been lived at full throttle with no time spare. I sometimes feel like a machine. Amongst the unpacking, sorting, cleaning & organising has been a non stop tralil of friends and family visiting us, I really don't know how we came about having so many good friends. Along with all of the above I am trying to cram a full time job into three days so I forever seem to be a little behind on everything.

Things are good though, I just have to remind myself that I sh
ould appreciate having such a good life and that I need to enjoy these precious moments with loved ones and that in time I will be able to squeeze in a little bit more of 'me time'.

Tomorrow I will post my 'to do' list which will give me inspiration to get in and get it all done. But tonight, I have put some beautiful Lavender in the oil burner and will retreat early to bed ready for tomorrow's hectic day.

Still dreaming of that serenity and peace.....