Monday, November 12, 2007

Full Throttle

The past few weeks have been lived at full throttle with no time spare. I sometimes feel like a machine. Amongst the unpacking, sorting, cleaning & organising has been a non stop tralil of friends and family visiting us, I really don't know how we came about having so many good friends. Along with all of the above I am trying to cram a full time job into three days so I forever seem to be a little behind on everything.

Things are good though, I just have to remind myself that I sh
ould appreciate having such a good life and that I need to enjoy these precious moments with loved ones and that in time I will be able to squeeze in a little bit more of 'me time'.

Tomorrow I will post my 'to do' list which will give me inspiration to get in and get it all done. But tonight, I have put some beautiful Lavender in the oil burner and will retreat early to bed ready for tomorrow's hectic day.

Still dreaming of that serenity and peace.....

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