Thursday, October 25, 2007

At Last

We moved from our old place into our lovely new home last week. Its just such a huge thing to pack up all of your belongings and move them to another dwelling. Then you have all the cleaning at the old place and all the cleaning at the new place, the unpacking, the organisation of where all your furniture, belongings & trinkets will be placed, the new routines and figuring out all the shortcuts to work/kindy/family.

It has been a long journey and along the way Adam and I have forgotten all the things that we love about each other and just focussed on all the things we don't like about each other. For example, his lack of domesticity, he fondness for the Simpsons every night at 6.00pm when its peak time in our house with dinner, bathing baby and getting her to bed, his ability to sit down and have a beer while I am cleaning up and trying to keep our house in order. These are the things I have been focussing on lately.

This afternoon, I had a reminder as to why I love this man. His good friend that he has known since childhood made some comments about me that Adam thought inappropriate. Without hesitation, he jumped to my defence (in my absence). When I had a moment to go through these events in my mind, I realised this is one of his strongest assests - loyalty to his family. No matter what (even if I am wrong) he will totally support me, he encourages every little hobby or interest I might have (taking an interest himself) and he always will defend me with his life. I must always try and remember that amogst the things that irritate me, when it comes to the big things - he is 100% rock solid. I love you Ads and thank you for putting me first in your life.

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Angela Louise said...

Hello Vicki, I have just found your blog this morning and think you write beautifully. I am sure that you will make many friends in blogland and in fact, for me, it can be a little addictive at times. I hope everything goes well at your new home and also that living in a nicer place will put everyone in the right frame of mind to overlook the negatives and focus on the positives. I have two teenagers and one twelve year old so I am lucky enough to find time to create. It can be very hard when you have little ones to find this time but before you know it your little one will be older and then you will have time.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your blog and I too am a lover of lavender and herbs...oh I confess, actually all plants!
Pop over and see me if you like,
all the best with settling into your new place,