Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Little Town Called Kandanga

This month of December 2007 has brought many a surprise to me. Firstly my little Ruby has become quite ill with severe neutropenia and has had many tests, trips to the hospitals and countless amounts of anti-biotics. Now the poor little thing is on daily injections to help with her white blood count.

Some exciting news is that we have 'out of the blue' purchased a house in a little town called Kandanga, about 20 mintutes south of Gympie. This little house is ac
tually the original chapel for the tiny community that is nestled in the heart of the Mary River Valley. The grass is lush, the trees are ample and the water is flowing generously. Excited about moving from Brisbane (the urban jungle) to my the place where my dreams of 'peace & tranquility' can be accomplished, well excited in not quite the right word, 'life changing' is getting closer. The house is situated in the main township on 1012 sq metres of land and is close to schools, parks, shops & amenities (even if they are basic). We are living in the country, but the coast is only 30 minutes away (my home town of Noosa).

It seems 2008 is going to bring us some real happiness,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Digitalgirl said...

Having recenly moved from Gympie to the Urban Jungle of Brisbane lol! I do envy you... goodluck with live in the country! Kandanga is a very pretty spot!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Kandanga, 29 stephens street :-) Enjoy! The most delightful place to grow up, your photos made me teary..
best wishes xo